Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not quite Martha (yet)...

Martha Stewarts Childhood Home
As a new homeowner, I am also newly obsessed with home design TV shows and blogs. Tonight I discovered the show Whatever, Martha! on the Fine Living Network and am totally loving it. Okay, so it's not quite home design but it sure is funny! I laughed out loud seeing Martha Stewart's own daughter joke about her sometimes ridiculous perfection. Being new to the whole home thing, I can completely relate to the fact that it is hard for an ordinary person to live quite that perfectly...especially since cleaning is definitely not my thing! Another perk of this hilarious show - even as they make fun of the old episodes of Martha Stewart Living, I can get some really cool ideas. Yes, I know they were mocking the labeled shelves in the linen closet - but I thought it was pretty darn clever! I already have storage containers in the closet labeled and now I have an idea of how to label the rest. Who knows, maybe someday a mini-Martha will live here!

First post!

While trying to come up with a name for my blog, I came across the proverb "Every day in your life is a page in your history." It was a complete "Aha!" moment. That pretty much sums up what this blog will be - a place to document both the big and small moments in my history. As a newlywed who just moved into the home of my dreams, I don't want to forget a second about these exciting times. And I'm so glad to have you follow along in the adventures and fun! Welcome!