Thursday, September 30, 2010

The house...

I have officially become one of those women who listens to books on CD while I drive. Yes, I am cool.

I have always laughed at my mom when she had books on CD, but now I am completely hooked. Maybe it makes the drive go faster or maybe the first book I listened to (The House by Danielle Steel) was just really good.

In the book, Sarah (a successful lawyer) discovers her family history, love and a new passion - all while restoring a magnificent old home. It was one of those books where I could truly read listen to the story of her life forever. [Is it just me or do you ever completely dread when a book ends because you are enjoying it so much?] The book made me want to hug my mom, kiss my husband and remodel a home. :)

[Random note - I also loved that the book was read by someone with the same name as my best friend's husband.]

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Color personality...

Quizzes are my favorite part of magazines, so of course I love the "What's Your Color Personality" quiz from Real Simple. According to the quiz, I am an Earth personality...

The quiz results seem pretty accurate for me, because I do really love blues, black, grays and brown. But I was not overly fond of the comment that I can "seem reserved, even standoffish." If I have ever seemed standoffish, I am very sorry! And to make it up to you, here are two more fun color quizzes to check out...the Color Quiz from True Value Paint and the Color Career Counselor from :)

[I just tried the Color Quiz link and it doesn't seem to be working anymore...bummer!]

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mini key lime pies...

In getting ready to move, we cleaned out our freezer [not entirely voluntarily, but that's another long, annoying story] since frozen food wasn't going to make it on a 13 hour drive in the middle of August. With no food in the freezer, that meant no ice cream and no popsicles. So, what's a girl to do other than get creative and make her own frozen treat? And so my frozen, mini, key lime pies were invented. :)

To make them, I crunched up graham crackers and mixed in just enough butter to get the crumbs to stick together. I packed the graham cracker "crust" into a mini muffin pan. Then I filled them up with key lime yogurt and popped the pan in the freezer. They took about six minutes to prepare and just a few hours to freeze. Yum! :)

Another quick meal...

I already showed you my Asian salad that I'm obsessed with, but my repertoire of quick and easy meals doesn't stop there. :) Next up is zucchini and rice...which you can make in eight minutes flat. [Yep, I timed takes exactly eight minutes.]


  • 1/2 zucchini
  • Spices / seasonings
  • A teensy bit of oil / butter
  • A serving of microwave rice


  • Add a teensy bit of oil or butter to a skillet on high heat.
  • Slice the zucchini into thin slices and add to skillet.
  • Start the microwave rice [following directions on the package].
  • Add spices / seasonings to the zucchini to taste [I use onion powder, garlic powder and seasoning salt].
  • The zucchini and rice should be done at about the same time.
  • If desired, add a teensy bit of butter to the rice.
  • Put the zucchini on top of the rice and enjoy. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is it bad if...

you like something you see on The Mogg Blogg?

Because, I'm not going to lie...if I saw this puzzle floor in a hotel or store, I would probably think it was pretty darn cool. I wouldn't use it in my house, but I do like it. Call me a nerd if you wish, but I really like puzzles. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Missing Mr. W | part three...

Mr. W surprised me one afternoon while he was away and had these beautiful flowers delivered. It was so sweet and thoughtful that it just made me miss him even more. :)

Missing Mr. W | part two...

Sometimes, I not only forget to post a photo or two...but I forget to post an entire series of posts. Mega oops! Turns out I forgot to post the rest of the everyday moments when I really, really missed Mr. W when he had to move before me. Now, I have moved also (well, kind of, but that's a story for another day)...but I'm still going to post some more of those times. And, actually, being in the same place again [finally!] reminds me just how much more fun normal, everyday things are when we're together. :)

Okay, now to the actual point...

Mr. W and I are huge baseball fans, but I don't generally share his need to watch every Royals game on TV or watch This Week in Baseball. But after Mr. W moved, I would zoom-zoom [i.e., watch in fast forward] every game. And I couldn't bring myself to delete any of them.

I also usually really like watching America's Got Talent, but it was no fun at all to watch without Mr. W. So, I didn't watch any of the episodes, but didn't want to delete them either. Luckily, I had no problems continuing to watch Design Star. :)

[Speaking of Design Star, I also kind of forgot about doing the majority of my play alongs. Turns out that is somewhat time consuming, especially when I was supposed to be packing our entire house, working extra hours, and studying. If I ever magically get lots of free time, I'll finish that series too though. :)]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY monogram tiles...

Using tiles from Home Depot, a laser printed image and mod podge, I made this monogram tile as a wedding gift...

Using the same technique, I made a set of four coordinating coasters...

The project was very simple and turned out great! Many thanks to the great directions via The Hybird Chick and to Carrie for finding the project. :) Also check out the awesome tiles made my friends here and here.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a "magazine holder"...

Every once in a while, I'll notice a folder full of photos that I meant to post here and forgot about....oops! Now they are a bit more random, but I'm still going to share them. :)

A long time ago, I mentioned our "magazine holder" in our office. It is actually a wine rack, but works great! I did have to tell Mr. W that I "read it in a magazine" to convince him the idea wasn't crazy though. :)

I'm a teensy obsessed with wine racks. This one was a wedding gift and even though we already had four others in our house, this little one just had to have a home too. And using a wine rack as a magazine holder is a great reason (as if you need a reason) to have a wine rack in every room of the house. :) [See, I liked the idea so much I even used it in a Design Star play along room.]